SCG Story

The Sandys Curly Girl Story

Growing Up Nappy Headed

Like so many girls and women around us we struggled with the daily maintenance of our natural hair styles. Sure, we could style our curly hair in various beautiful looks; only to have that same beautiful hair dry out and lose that look and feeling of elegance that we started out our day with.


Janelle, Sandy, and DevoRa
As young girls brought up into two different generations the only thing that stayed consistent was the work ethic of our mother. As an LPN our mom, Sandy, cared for her many patients but never wavered in fulfilling her duties as a single mother. Education was always her first priority for us. But getting to school meant starting the day with mom “fighting”, with a comb as her only ally, against our “nappy”


She never faltered and she never lost a battle. She made sure her girls looked and felt their best as she sent us off to focus on our studies and to receive an excellent education. Our education mattered but her dedication to us mattered even more.

Hair With Indulgence

In our individual experiences we both came across various products. Some were simply just ok and many others ended up being thrown away because they just didn’t do the trick.

After years of this, these two Sandy’s Curly Girls decided to put their curly heads together and come up with their own all-natural product. This prompted the birth of Sandy’s Curly Girls.

The Curl Masters

SCG Team

Devora Parke

“Taking care of natural hair is what drives me. There are not enough natural products that cater to “kinky” hair. Most products don’t have the right oils that help keep the hair moisturized and healthy while styled. I started my natural journey as early as 2009 doing the “Big Chop”. This was the very first time that I wasn’t confident in my ability to take care of my hair, so I quickly got a texturizer thinking that it would be less harmful than a perm (I was wrong). My second attempt was in 2012, I still had no clue how to take care of my hair, but I knew that I didn’t want any more chemicals added to my hair. I’ve struggled with the many different hair product brands just not giving my hair the nutrients it needed to retain growth and maintain healthy hair.”


"As a cosmologist for the past 21 years and caring for hair, natural hair care is very important to me because I've seen the worst. From breakage, dryness & over processed hair. I started my natural hair care journey 15 years ago and was the best decision ever made.  While maintaining my curly locs my hair became more nourished & healthier. I care for my client’s hair the same way I care for my own. I promote growth, healthy hair follicles, moisture and conditioning to the scalp. This is why natural hair products are important to me & Sandy's Curly Girls are here to help with your hair care journey.”


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